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through its TCERA app is committed to making every life count every minute of every day.

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TCIF is recruiting willing volunteers from all walks of life to help provide first aid and emergency care to those in need within their communities.

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The TCERA App connects victims of emergencies with TCIF First Responders for prompt assistance. Designed and owned by the Trauma Care International Foundation; the TCERA User and Responder applications and other subsidiary applications and programs connect casualties with TCIF First Responders in the event of emergencies. The TCERA App and other TCIF affiliate applications provide users with real-time response from specially trained First Responders.

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First Aid Trained? Download the TCERA Responder App to be a TCIF responder today.

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App Features:

- One-Touch Button to Request Help - Realtime Tracking of Responders - Get Notifications - Realtime Live Chat
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15,000 First Responder Challenge

Early onset of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) increases the chances of survival of victims of cardiac arrests. The presence of skilled first responders to provide care when there are emergencies improves the outcome of such events for casualties.

Through the TCERA User app, our first responders can get alerted about emergencies close to their locations on their TCERA Responder App and within 10 minutes the victim will have access to first aid before the arrival of the ambulance.

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