Key principles that guide the services of TCIF First Responders:

TCIF First Responders are respectful, courteous, dependable and committed to the network, its policies and its focus; preserving lives.

TCIF First Responders seek and obtain consent from the casualty/guardian before rendering help having been alerted via the TCERA Responder App.

TCIF First Responders are required to maintain good personal hygiene, and comply with Universal Precautions when administering help and disposing of waste after managing assigned users.

TCIF First Responders maintain the confidentiality of the users and communicate relevant information to the emergency response dispatcher, officials at the TCIF Command and Control Centre, and the emergency services officials. They must hand over immediately to the emergency team on their arrival at the scene of the emergency.

TCIF First Responders are honest, self-disciplined and able to use their training and skills to intervene in the safest possible manner. They are responsible for their personal Health and Safety. They are also responsible for the safety of issued responder kits and equipment in adherence with the TCIF First Responder Network Equipment Policy and the Volunteer Policy.

All TCIF First Responder are only required to provide assistance based on their level of training and competence. All licenses should be valid at the time of response to the alerts, they are also required to have a means of identification with them whenever they respond to an alert from the TCERA Responder App.