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The TCERA app will help health workers and skilled emergency practitioners to provide help to victims of emergencies.


Get Started

To sign up here as a volunteer medic, you will be required to provide evidence of your medical training and relevant certification for Basic Life Support and First Aid Training or other advanced emergency care skills. Kindly download the TCERA Responder app and provide accurate contact details and required documents after which your profile will be activated and you will be informed. You will receive further guidelines and our policies via email.

When you register your email address, it is best to use your work email, however the activation code goes to this email address hence if you don't have access to it, you may have to wait until you get to work.


How to Respond

As a First Responder, you should only accept an alert when you are physically and mentally able to respond as lives are at stake, do not accept an alert if you are physically ill or under the influence of alcohol or mental stimulants. If and when you are reject an alert, another first responder will be located and alerted.

If you accept an alert, your GPS enabled mobile device will give you directions and additional information. You can also receive guidance from the Command and Control Centre.



The approved TCIF First Responder Kit/Vehicle based on your level of competence and skill


Responder Reports

All response missions are to be reported in your profile with details of the services provided, client seen etc.

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