First aid at school: Prevention of slips, trips, and falls at school
11 Sep

First aid at school: Prevention of slips, trips, and falls at school

Slips, trips, and falls often result from an unexpected change in the contact between the feet and the ground or walking surface.

Good housekeeping, quality of walking surfaces (flooring), selection of proper footwear, and appropriate pace of walking are thus critical for preventing fall incidents.

Ways to prevent slips, trips, and falls at school:

  •  - Clean all spills immediately
  •  - Mop or sweep debris from floors
  •  - Remove obstacles from walkways and keep them free
  •  - Secure/rearrange mats, rugs, and carpets that do not lay flat
  •  - Always close file cabinets or storage drawers
  •  - Cover cables that cross walkways
  •  - Keep work areas and walkways well lit
  •  - Replace faulty bulbs and switches

What to do when a child slips, trips, and falls in school:

  •  - Comfort the child and check for any injuries.
  •  - Place a cold compress or ice pack on any bumps or bruises.
  •  - Give over-the-counter medication for pain if the child is alert.
  •  - Let the child rest, as needed, for the next few hours.
  •  - Watch the child closely for the next 24 hours for any unusual symptoms or behavior and if there are any, ensure the child is assessed by a healthcare professional.


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